Q?Will I lose my new car warranty if you service my car?

No you won’t. In Australia there are 3 requirements to maintaining you new car warranty

  1. The work must be carried out by a suitably qualified technician
  2. The repairer must use genuine or OEM parts
  3. The vehicle must be serviced in accordance with manufacturer specifications

(Time and distance -15,000km or 12 months, whichever occurs first)

Q?These cars need special oil don’t they? Do you use the correct oil?

Yes, definitely. See the service page for more information about the oil

Q?Will the apprentice be working on my vehicle?

No. No apprentices here.

Q?Are you fully licenced and insured to test drive my vehicle?


Q?Will my vehicle be safe and secure, should it be required to remain at your premises overnight?

Yes. The workshop is alarmed, monitored and insured.

Q?When talking about parts, what does OEM mean?

OEM means: Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Q?What are the differences between Genuine parts and OEM parts?

A manufacturing company (i.e. MAHLE) will produce parts for VW and Audi but will also sell the same parts with their own “branding”. OEM parts should not be mistaken for “aftermarket” parts. Some aftermarket parts are cheaply made in places like China, and are NOT acceptable in most cases.

photo 2

Genuine on the left, OEM on the right. Spot the difference!

photo 1

Genuine on the left, OEM on the right. Spot the difference!